Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mălina Olinescu

Mălina Olinescu (January 29 1974 - December 12 2011) was a Romanian singer.

Coming from a family of artists, her father was an actor and her mother was a singer, Mălina loved music and started singing at the age of five. As a child she participated in many festivals and school choirs. After her graduation from school she sang in clubs in Bucharest. In 1995 she participated in the music festival Aurelian Andreescu where she won the first prize. In 1996 Mălina joined a team of talented singers called School Star which was a very popular TV show in Romania. In that same year Mălina won the 3rd prize in a music festival called Mamaia.

In 1997 Mălina participated again in the Mamaia festival where she won first prize and she met the composer Adrian Romcescu. Adrian was impressed by Mălina and asked her if she want to sing his song Eu Cred at the Romanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 1998. The song came 1st and was one of the favorites for victory in Birmingham but stranded on a disappointing 22nd place. After the contest Mălina released a few singles but they weren't very successful. In 2003 Mălina participated again in the Romanian pre-selection but stranded in the semi-finals with the song Tacerea Doare.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Junior Eurovision 2011, the results

After a very exiting voting the Georgian Candy girls won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011. The Dutch Rachel came 2nd which is great, I think. I was just a little disappointed that Russia only came 4th. In my opinion a 5th place for Armenia is far too high. That's propably because the organizing country often has an advantage over the other countries. But I enjoyed the show very much!


01. Georgia: Candy – Candy Music 108
02. The Netherlands: Rachel – Teenager 103
03. Belarus: Lidia Zabolotskaya – Angely Dobra 99
04. Russia: Katya Ryabova – Kak Romeo I Julietta 99
05. Armenia: Dalita – Welcome To Armenia 85
06. Moldova: Lerica – No, No 78
07. Belgium: Femke – Een Kusje Meer 64
08. Bulgaria: Ivan Ivanov – Supergeroy 60
09. Sweden: Erik Rapp – Faller 57
10. Lithuania: Paulina Skrablytė – Debesys 53
11. Ukraine: Kristall – Evropa 42
12. F.Y.R Macedonia: Dorijan Dlaka – Zhimi Ovoj Frak 31
13. Latvia: Amanda Bashmakova – Meness Suns 31