Sunday, 21 November 2010

Vikki Watson

Aeone Victoria Watson is a British singer-songwriter, who now lives in Los Angeles, California. Her music has been classified as new age, folk or world music. She has released four albums, one of which was an internet only release. Early in her career, as Vikki, she represented the United Kingdom in the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Love Is which came 4th and was written by Vikki herself and Jimmy Kaleth.

She toured the United States and then returned to her Celtic roots and cales herself Aeone. She did well in terms of touring, television shows and live work, yet a difficult lifestyle coupled with the commercial direction of the material, drove her to emigrate to the United States. Initially teamed with writer/record producer/sound engineer Jeff Silverman, in 1991 she released an eleven track debut album, entitled Window to a World, that pioneered a blend of Celtic sounding music with a pop feel combining fiddle, banjo and mandolin. In 1998, she released a special mp3 album, called Aeone. Combining songs from her debut album and several new ones, the album did well on A few months later, her second studio album was released, The Woman's Touch. After the release, Aeone picked up composing for a while before working on her third album. In between she found time to sing one of the title songs for the TNT mini-series Mists of Avalon, writing the song I Will Remember You Still. A year later, the third album, Point of Faith, was released. Among the more remarkable happenings in her career, Aeone recalls her debut in Zimbabwe, when she sang one song and the band played another; and a television appearance in which she was almost accidentally flattened by Meat Loaf. Her songs have been recorded by Rick Springfield and Shari Belafonte.

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