Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mariza Koch

Mariza Koch is a Greek folk music singer who has recorded 18 albums since starting her career in 1971. Mariza Koch was born in Athens in 1944 but lived in her mother's hometown in Santorini from a young age.

In an off-beat but original way Mariza Koch began her musical career in 1971 with an album titled Arabas. It consisted of a collection of traditional Greek folk songs blended with unusual beats from traditional and modern electronic instrumental sounds. On the other hand Mariza's unique vocals became the center piece of the music which on more than one occasion needed no accompaniment. No matter what one called it, the album was a resounding success. More albums followed with the sound eventually mellowing back into the original folk sounds of the past, where traditional instruments are used in there entirety. Mariza's most recent album included elements of traditional Greek music and Jazz Fusion. On 14 March 2010, Alpha TV ranked Mariza the 29th top-certified female artist in the nation's phonographic era since 1960.

In 1976 Mariza was chosen to represent Greece at the ESC with the song Panaghia Mou, Panaghia Mou (My Lady, My Lady) which came 13th.

The song was composed by Mariza herself with lyrics by Michael Fotiades. Panaghia Mou, Panaghia Mou was the second entry to represent Greece in the ESC after its debut in 1974. Greece had not taken part in the preceding Contest in 1975 in protest of Turkey's debut and its invasion of Cyprus in July 1974. The song was an outcry against the Turkish foreign policy.

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