Saturday, 30 April 2011

Johanna Iivanainen

Johanna Iivanainen (born November 22 1977 in Niemelä, Finland) is a Finnish Jazz singer and music teacher. She studied Piano and as a teenager she became interested in Jazz music. Johanna is an award winning Jazz singer who also collaborated with many musicians, bands and orchestras. Her vocals have been featured in more than 40 albums. As a solo singer she has released her debut album in 2004 and four years later she recorded a compilation album with her various recordings. In 2002 she won the Louis Armstrong award and 2003 Sony Jazz award. She was also nominated for Jazz Emma in 2004 for her debut album. In 2011 Johanna participated in the Finnish national final with the, in my opinion beautiful ballad Luojani Mun which is written by Johanna Iivanainen and Edu Kettunen. In the final, Johanna didn't reach top three.

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