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Dollie, later known as Dollie de Luxe and Adrian/Bjørnov, was one of the most famous Norwegian pop duo's. It consisted of singers and songwriters Ingrid Bjørnov (born December 5, 1963) and Benedicte Adrian (born October 22, 1963).

The girls grew up together in Oslo and as teens they performed a norwegian version of the ABBA song Summer Night City on NRK radio in 1979. After that they got a record contract and they called themselves Dollie.

Their first hit was Første Akt which was released in 1980 and sold over 50000 copies and won an Norwegian prize. After that they had many hits in Norway.

In 1981 Dollie participated in the Norwegian final for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 1984 which came 6th. In 1982 they participated again, this time they came 10th with the song Det Er Deg Jeg Skal Ha. In 1984 the girls won the Norwegian pre-selection with Lenge Leve Livet. For the Eurovision Song Contest they changed their name in Dollie de Luxe. During the final in Luxembourg the girls performed their now legendary "skiing dancing" with rags in their hair but although they were the pre-tournement favorite they came only 17th.

Their album Dollie de Luxe was a success in Norway, France and Canada. In 1987 the girls wrote a musical based on the tragic story of Maria Vittoria di Benevento who was burned at the stake as a witch. The musical was a huge success. After that they released a couple of successful albums and they won several prizes in Norway. In 1992 their musical Which Witch set up in London's West End. It should 've gone well but the musical was awarded the merciless slaughter of most British newspapers.

In 1995 the girls wrote a new, humorous, musical called Henriette which was a huge success in Norway. After that they called themselves Adrian / Bjørnov and wrote a crime-musical. The show was released on cd. This album was the latest collaboration between Benedicte Adrian and Ingrid Bjørnov.

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