Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cat Cat

CatCat is a Finnish duo and consists of the sisters Virpi and Katja Kätkä. In 1994 they represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Bye Bye Baby. The song was one of the favorites for 1st place but the conductor Olli Ahvenlahti refused that the backing track played along with the orchestra so the modern song was only played by the orchestra and sounded a bitt dull and old fashioned. CatCat performed wearing long coats over quite revealing costumes resembling vintage underwear. The costumes were identical apart from the colour, the blonde sister, Virpi, appeared in green, and the brunette, Katja, in pink. Each of them carried a microphone with a tip was coloured to match their costume. They were accompanied by two black dancers dressed in the early 90s rapper style, they wore identical waistcoats, one in pink and one in green, and performed a dance routine inspired by breakdance, but also containing a lot of waving goodbye in the sections when CatCat sang the chorus. Eventually CatCat finished only 22nd out of 25 contenders but Bye Bye Baby is still one of my all time favorites.

Virpi studied music and piano at the Universaty. In 2010 Virpi released her first solo album. The album includes new songs but also a new version of Bye Bye Baby.

Katja works at a music school and teaches music and singing.

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  1. I never thought to look for an English version of this song.All these years I sing ''la la la la'' when I hear this song (or any other song in a foreign language),but now I can use English words.Yay ! Woohoo !

    I much prefer the way they dressed in the national selection.