Thursday, 24 February 2011

Interval acts - 2008: Goran Bregović

Goran Bregović (1950) is a musician from Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most internationally known modern composers of the Balkan. Gorans compositions are a mix of popular music with traditional music from the Balkan, tango and brass bands.

Goran was born in Sarajevo, he studied violin and guitar and played in several bands. Goran recorded many very successful albums. Since 1998 Goran performs his music mainly in the form of concerts all over the world with his Weddings and Funeral Orchestra. This band consists of 10 people or more, this depends on participants from the host country.

During the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, held in Belgrade, Goran and his orchestra played during the Interval act of the grand final. In 2010 Goran wrote all the three entries for the Serbian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The song Predsedniče Halo by Oliver Katić came 3rd, Ti Kvariigro sung by Emina came 2nd and Ovo je Balkan sung by Milan Stanković won the Serbian national final and came 13th in Oslo.

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