Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Azis, born as Vasill Troyanov Boyanov Katuras on March 7 1978, is Bulgarian Romani Chalga (pop-folk) singer known for his flamboyant persona.

Azis recorded and performed many songs with some of the most popular Bulgarian pop-folk singers like Sofi Marinova and Ustata. Azis also performed alongside Mariana Popova in the semi-final of the ESC 2006 with the song Let Me Cry.

His political career began in 2005 as a member of the Evronoma political party and ran in the general elections campaign in the summer of 2005, but Azis did not receive enough votes to become a member of the Parliament.

In 2006 Azis was elected as the 21st greatest Bulgarian of all time. In that same year he married his husband Niki Kitaetsa. Their marriage is not legally recognized given the laws of Bulgaria.

Since 2008 Azis is the host of the critically acclaimed talk-show Azis's Late Night Show.

For one of his albums Azis covered the ESC song Lane Moje.

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  1. I remember him being the backing singer,and being surprised that he's not yet been the main singer on Eurovision stage.