Sunday, 17 July 2011


Jamala, born as Susana Jamaladinova on August 27 1983 in Kirgizistan, is an Ukrainian jazz, r&b and classical singer.

Jamala has been fond of music since her early childhood. She released her first single at the age of nine. Jamala entered the Simferopol Music College named after Tchaikovsky followed by the graduation from the National Music Academy named after Tchaikovsky as well, majoring in opera singing. Being at the top of her class, Jamala planned to devote herself to the classical music, envisioning her career as a soloist at the famous Milan La Scala Opera. Nevertheless her true passion for jazz and experiments with soul and oriental music has changed her plans defining the main streams of the future career.

Jamala made her first steps on the big stage at the age of fifteen. During the next few years she took part at dozens of vocal contests of Ukraine, Russia and Europe, where she received some prestigious awards. Since 2001 she was a soloist in the vocal quintet Beauty Band. The terrific performance at the junior 2006 Jazz festival of young artists brought Jamala a special award, while attracting the attention of the famous choreographer Elena Kolyadenko, who invited Jamala to perform the leading part in the Pas of Olena Kolyadenko multi genre musical and ballet Freedom. This part in the musical became an essential step in Jamala’s performing career.

The turning point in Jamala’s career came with her performance at the New Wave - 2009 International contest of young pop singers in summer 2009. The contest’s chief director statements regarding Jamala’s not fitting the format did not stop her from reaching the finals and more than that receiving a grand prize of the contest.

After that Jamala instantly became famous. Jamala performed many times in Ukrainian TV shows and won many awards in her country.

Early in 2011, Jamala took part in the Ukrainian national final for the ESC with the song Smile. The song was a crowd favorite and came 3rd in the final.

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