Tuesday, 10 April 2012

ESC 2012, semi-final 1 - Hungary

Compact Disco is a Hungarian electronic rock band, founded in 2008 by three musicians. The band will represent Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The band consists of Behnam Lotfi - loops, grooves, additional tracks, effects (2008–present), Gábor Pál - keyboards (2008–present), Attila Sándor - bass (2010–present) and Csaba Walkó - vocals (2008–present).

The first album of Compact Disco, Stereoid, was released in December 2009, after more than a year of composing and producing the songs. The band started to perform live in January 2010, mostly in Hungary but also in Transylvania, Romania. Their first hit, I'm In Love, gained popularity for the band and reached top 10 in the Hungarian dance charts. In 2010 Compact Disco were nominated in the category Best Performance in Electronic Music at the Fonogram Awards and in 2011 the band won the Award. The band released one more album, II, and a couple of very successful singles.

In February 2012 Compact Disco won the Hungarian national finl for the ESC 2012 with the song Sound Of Our Hearts.

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