Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest - 1978

The Swedish Final was held on February 11th at the Cirkus in Stockholm, hosted by Ulf Elfving.  The winning song was chosen by the votes of 11 regional juries.  After the voting, there was a tie for first place, therefore the 11 juries were contacted again and asked to choose between Det blir alltid värre framåt natten, sung by Björn Skifs, and Miss Decibel sung by Kikki Danielsson & Lasse Holm with Wizex. Björn Skifs won by 8 votes to 3. Det blir alltid värre framåt natten was written and composed by Peter Himmelstrand


01. Det blir alltid värre framåt natten - 108 points
02. Miss Decibel - Kikki Danielsson & Lasse Holm with Wizex, 103 points
03. Nattmara - Pugh Rogefeldt, 85 points
04. Längtan om livet med dig - Göran Fristorp, 85 points
05. Mademoiselle - Tomas Ledin, 78 points
06. Idag är det vår - Pastellerna, 52 points
07. Åh, evergreens - Kenneth Greuz, 50 points
08. Harlequin - Harlequin, 49 points
09. Lilla stjärna - Jörgen Edman & Polarna, 29 points
10. Nåt som gör dej glad - Thomas Munch, 11 points

At ESC in Paris, 22 April, Björn Skifs intended to cause controversy by singing in English, which could make him disqualified. Instead, he sung a part of the song in nonsense-words, but fortunately only the Swedes knew the lyrics were wrong. He finished 14th (out of 20).

Björn Skifs represented Sweden twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1978 and in 1981.

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