Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Festival di Sanremo - Eduardo De Crescenzo

Eduardo De Crescenzo, born on February 8 1951 in Naples, is an Italian singer and musician who participated five times at the Festival di Sanremo.

1981 - Ancora, which didn't reach the top 10 in the final
1985 - Via Con Me, 14th in the final
1987 - L'odore Del Mare, 15th in the final
1989 - Come Mi Vuoi, 21st in the final
1991 - E La Musica Va, which didn't reach the top 3 in the final

The song Ancora was a hit for Shirley Zwerus in the Netherlands, she recorded a Dutch version entitled Heel Even.
Years later Gerard Joling and Shirley Zwerus recorded a duet-version of Heel Even.

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