Saturday, 18 September 2010

Germany 1995

In 1995 the duo Stone & Stone were chosen to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest with their song Verliebt In Dich. 

The song, originally written in English, is a religiously-themed ballad, with the singer expressing her love and devotion to God, and explaining that this faith serves to comfort her in troubled times......

Stone & Stone also recorded the English version of the song, bearing the title (Oh Lord) I Realized It's You.

Following the show, lead singer Cheyenne Stone was heavily criticised for a very shaky, toneless and at times off-key vocal performance, and for her choice of stage outfit – a shapeless half-sleeve floor-length white dress which, it was said, looked like a nightgown. The widely-predicted bad result materialised, as Verliebt in Dich was saved from the  nul-points only by 1 point received from Malta, placing Germany last of the 23 entries.

 Stone & Stone were a German duo formed by Glen J. Penniston and Tatjana Cheyenne Pennisto. They made a few singles and an album but they were not very successful and shortly after the contest they broke up.

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