Saturday, 22 October 2011


Babe was a Dutch girl group, formed in 1979 by Dutch producer, singer and composer Peter Koelewijn who also wrote almost all the Babe songs. Babe originally consisted of Gemma van Eck, Rita van Rooy and Monique Hagemeyer. In 1980 Monique was replaced by Margot van der Ven and in 1982 Gemma was replaced my Marga Bult who represented the Netherlands at the ESC in 1987.

Babe had 16 hits in the Netherlands and were also very popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Korea and Europe.

In 1980 Babe participated at the World Songfestival in Seoul, Korea where they won The Best National Custom Award.

In 1982 Babe was part of the Dutch team which participated at the Knokke Songfestival in Belgium where they got no points at all because they didn't follow the rules of the festival. The rules said that Babe should sing at least one song in Dutch but they didn't.

It is said that the song Boomerang was entered in the Luxemburg internal selection for the ESC of 1982. Unfortunately the "expert" jury chose the song Cours Après Le Temps instead of Boomerang.

In 1983 Babe was chosen as the most successful girl group in the Netherlands.

After a couple of less successful years Babe split up in 1986.


  1. I am BABES greatest fan, i have most of their single records and Lps, to me their high point was with Gemma, she really had Ooomph and gave the songs credibility. Having said all that, Marga was a reasonable replacement for Gemma.

  2. I found them in 2012 thanks to the Internet. I like their songs and enjoy their videos. Nice looking girls.