Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Mazhar-Fuat-Özkan also known as MFÖ ia a Turkish band and consists of Mazhar Alanson (February 13, 1950 Ankara), Fuat Güner (April 1, 1948 Ankara) and Özkan Uğur (October 17, 1953 Istanbul) .The men are both musician and actor. MFÖ is one of the most important bands in Turkey.

In 1968 Mazhar and Fuat started as a duo, two years later they were joined by Özkan. Since then the band released more than 80 songs. In 1984 they had their first hit with the song Ele güne karşı which was chosen as song of the year in Turkey.

In 1985 and 1988 MFÖ won the Turkish pre-selection for the ESC. In 1985 the song Didai Didai Dai came 14th at the ESC in Göteborg and in 1988 Sufi came 15th in Dublin. In 1987 they participated again at the Turkish national final with the song No Problem and in 1989 they came only 15th with Adi Naim.

In 1995 the three members of MFÖ started a solo career but occasionally they perform as a trio.

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