Friday, 28 October 2011

Spooky and Sue

The duo Spooky and Sue consisted of Iwan Groeneveld from Aruba and Sue Chaloner from the UK.

Iwan sang in the Dutch band The Swinging Soul Machine who had a big hit in 1969 with the song Spooky's Day Off. Sue Chaloner played in 1969 the leading part in the musical Hair.

Originally Sue was asked to form a duo with Big John Russell but his jealous wife forbade the collaboration but it is also said that Big John couldn't perform on stage due to his weight.

The first and biggest hit was Swingin' On A Star, the second hit was You Talk Too Much, both with the voice of Big John.

In 1976 Spooky and Sue participated at the Dutch national final for the ESC with the song Do You Dig It which came last but was a hit in The Netherlands.

In 1977 the duo split up to start solo-careers. Iwan's first solo single flopped and later he joined the band The Surfers. Sue is still singing as a backing vocalist and as a member of the band Soul Train.

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