Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Karmen Stavec

Karmen Stavec (born December 21 1973) is a Slovene musician and pop singer.

Karmen was born in West Berlin, at that time part of West Germany, to Slovene parents. After graduation she came to Domžale, Slovenia, where she joined the dance duo 4 Fun. She also began to study Germanic studies at the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana. In 1998 she started her own solo career.

Her first attempt was in 2001 with the song Ostani Tu, she won the televote but the "expert" jury gave her just a few points so she finished 3rd.

Karmen's 2nd attempt was in 2002 with the song Se In Se and again she won the televote but the "expert" jury wanted Sestre to go to the Contest. It is rumoured there was a big fight behind the scenes when Karmen found out she came 2nd.

Her third attempt was in 2003 with the song Lep Poletni Danj and for the 3rd time in a row she won the televote and however the international jury put her in second place Karmen won the ticket to Latvia where she sang the English version of the song, Na na na. She ended 23rd and she was very disappointed with the result. Karmen said she don't know what went wrong and according to the director they were the most professional team of the ESC 2003.

Her last participation in EMA was in 2009 with the song A Si želiš which came 10th.


  1. A new single of one of the first Karmen's hit (she was the singer of a popular Slovene dance act back then) from the mid 90's was released this summer:

  2. i still ♥ her, probably my favorite Slovenian entry