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Eurovision Song Contest 1962

Isabelle Aubret

Date: March 18th 1962
Venue: Grand auditorium de RTL, villa Louvigny, Luxembourg
Presenter: Mireille Delannoy
Orchestra: Jean Roderès Orchestra
Conductor: Jean Roderès
Directors: Jos Pauly, René Steichen
Scruteneer: -
Host broadcaster: CLT
Price presenter: Jean-Claude Pacal
Interval act: - Achille Zavatta
Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes
Number of entries: 16
Debuting countries: -
Returning countries: -
Withdrawing countries: -
Winning Song: Un Premier Amour - Isabelle Aubret, France
Voting system: Each country had 10 jury members who awarded their three favourite songs 3, 2, and 1 points in order.


01. Finland: Marion Rung - Tipi-tii (7th place, 4 points)
02. Belgium: Fud Leclerc - Ton nom (13th place, 0 points)
03. Spain: Victor Balaguer - Llámame (13th place, 0 points)
04. Austria: Eleonore Schwarz - Nur in der Wiener luft (13th place, 0 points)
05. Denmark: Ellen Winther - Vuggevise (10th place, 2 points)
06. Sweden: Inger Berggren - Sol och vår (7th place, 4 points)
07. Germany: Conny Froboes - Zwei kleine Italiener (6th place, 9 points)
08. The Netherlands: De Spelbrekers - Katinka (13th place, 0 points)
09. France: Isabelle Aubret - Un premier amour (1st, 26 points)
10. Norway: Inger Jacobsen - Kom sol, kom regn (10th place, 2 points)
11. Switzerland: Jean Phillipe - Le retour (10th place, 2 points0
12. Yugoslavia: Lola Novaković - Ne pali svetlo u sumrak (4th place, 10 points)
13. UK: Ronnie Caroll - Ring-A-Ding Girl (4th place, 10 points)
14. Luxembourg: Camilio Felgen - Petit bonhomme (3rd place, 11 points)
15. Italy: Claudio Villa - Addio, addio (9th place, 3 points)
16. Monaco: François Deguelt - Dis rien, (2nd place, 13 points)

De Spelbrekers

The Eurovision Song Contest 1962 was held in Luxembourg. France won for a third time with the song Un premier amour, performed by Isabelle Aubret and written by Claude Henri Vic and Roland Valande. This marked the first time a country had won three contests. Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain all scored null points for the first time.


The venue chosen to host the 1962 contest was the Villa Louvigny. The building served as the headquarters of Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion, the forerunner of RTL Group. It is located in Municipal Park, in the Ville Haute quarter of the centre of the city.


After France's entry had been performed, there was a short power failure rendering the screens dark. There also seemed to be an even shorter power failure during the Netherlands entry, when viewers around Europe only saw darkness on their television screens when the Netherlands performed. The power failure seemed to affect the Netherlands score during the voting. Nevertheless the song turned out to be popular in Europe after the contest. The stage was decorated with twinkling stars on the backdrop.

Marion Rung

Participating countries

All countries who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1961 returned for a second consecutive year, with no new countries making a début, nor any retuning or withdrawing nations this particular year.

Returning artists

The contest saw the return of four artist this year, with three artists having previously participated in the 1960. Camillo Felgen for Luxembourg; François Deguelt for Monaco; and Fud Leclerc making his fourth appearance for Belgium, having also been present at the 1956, and 1958 contests. Jean Philippe, having previous represented France in 1959, returned to the contest as a representative for Switzerland.


The ESC 1962 featured a new scoring system. Juries were asked to award three points to their favourite song, two to the second and one to the third. Although this system produced the clearest winner since 1957, it was never used again in exactly the same form. There have been seven different voting systems and three of those systems were only used once. The 1962 system originated the idea of each jury ranking its favourite songs. However, as only three songs could be voted for, several entries were left behind in the voting.

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