Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Avi Toledano

Avi Toledano (born April 4, 1948) is an Israeli singer and songwriter who was born in Meknes, Morocco.

In the 1981 national final in Israel, Avi Toledano sang Carneval, a song he co-wrote with Shimrit Or which came 3rd.

In 1982, Avi Toledano represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest in Harrogate, UK with Hora. He finished in second place, after the German winner, Nicole.

In 1983 he composed the song that represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in Munich. Chai (Alive) was performed by Ofra Haza and finished also in second place.

In 1986, Avi Toledano wrote Lechaim for Haim Moshe, which came 3rd in the Israeli pre-selection for the ESC.

In 1989, he performed in the Israeli final himself and came 2nd with Dayenu.

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