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Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest - 2004

The Swedish Final, Melodifestivalen 2004, was held at the Globe Theatre in Stockholm on March 20th, hosted by Charlotte Perrelli (winner of the 1999 ESC), Ola Lindholm and Peter Settman. The winner was chosen by regional juries (50%) and televoting (50%) - Lena Philipsson was the favourite with both. Her song, Det gör ont, was written and composed by Thomas 'Orup' Eriksson.

Before the final there were 5 semi-finals.

The Swedish Semi-Finals were hosted by Charlotte Perrelli, Ola Lindholm and Peter Settman. The winners in the first four semi-finals were chosen in two rounds of televoting - the first round to decide the top 5, and the second round to decide the top 2 songs that would go directly to the final. The 3rd and 4th placed songs got another chance in the 5th semi-final, where there was just one round of televoting.


Semi-Final 1 - February 21st - Löfbergs Lila, Karlstad

1. Tango! Tango! - Petra Nielsen
2. Som stormen - Sara Löfgren
3. Love Turns Water Into Wine - Karl Matindahl
4. Älvorna - Sarek
5. It's In The Stars - LaGaylia Frazier
6. Tro på mig - Niklas Andersson
7. En gång för alla - Nina & Kim
8. Still Believe - Jocke Bergström

Semi-Final 2 - February 28th - Scandinavium, Gothenburg

1. Paradise - E-Type
2. Vindarna vänder oss - Fame
3. Finally - Fredrik Kempe
4. Säg att du har ångrat dig - Anne-Lie Rydé
5. (Are U) Ready Or Not - LaRoxx
6. Trendy Discothèque - Pay TV
7. Soy tu venus - Baccara
8. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Jennifer Eskola

Semi-Final 3 - March 6th - Umeå Arena

1. Här stannar jag kvar - Sandra Dahlberg
2. C'est la vie - Hanson, Carson & Malmkvist
3. Efharisto - Bosson
4. Blow The Spot - Bubbles
5. Innan mörket faller - Emil Sigfridsson
6. Bulletproof Heart - Autolove
7. Super Mega Nova - Itchycoo
8. Baby I Can't Stop - Gladys del Pilar

Semi-Final 4 - March 13th - Malmö Mässan

1. Det gör ont - Lena Philipsson
2. La Dolce Vita - After Dark
3. Olé Olé - Andrés Esteche
4. Min kärlek - Shirley clamp
5. Runaway - Pandora
6. Boom-bang-a-bang - Lotta Nilsson & Glenn Borgkvist
7. Just Like Me - Anders Borgius
8. Äntligen - Fre

Semi-Final 5 - March 14th - Hotel Rival, Stockholm

1. Olé Olé - Andrés Esteche
2. Min kärlek - Shirley Clamp
3. Love Turns Water Into Wine - Karl Martindahl
4. Blow The Spot - Bubbles
5. Älvorna - Sarek
6. Efharisto - Bosson
7. Säg att du har ångrat dig - Anne-Lie Rydé
8. Finally - Fredrik Kempe

The Final - March 20th - Globen, Stockholm   

01. Det gör ont - Lena Philipsson, 232 points
02. Min kärlek - Shirley Clamp, 174 points
03. La Dolce Vita - After Dark, 156 points
04. Tango! Tango! - Petra Nielsen, 151 points
05. Paradise - E-Type, 75 points
06. Vindarna vänder oss - Fame, 66 points
07. Som stormen - Sara Löfgren, 52 points
08. Här stannar jag kvar - Sandra Dahlberg, 19 points
09. Olé Olé - Andrés Esteche, 14 points
10. C'est la vie - Hanson, Carson & Malmkvist, 7 points

At Eurovision, Lena sang Det gör ont in its English version, It Hurts. Lena appeared on stage with her backing singers lined up on the side. She moved on stage by herself very effectively and gave one of the best performances of the night. Lena's performance was very similar to her Melodifestivalen performance. Sweden closed the contest performing last in the 24th spot and eventually making their way up to a joint 5th place with 170 points. 


Maria Magdalena "Lena" Philipsson (also known as Lena Ph, born January 19, 1966 in Vetlanda, Sweden) is a Swedish singer and media personality.

Lena participated in the Swedish New Faces in 1982. Her career started with the single Boy/You Open My Eyes in 1984 and with her entries at Melodifestivalen in 1986, 1987 and 1988. In 1987 she released the song Aquarius 99 by duet with the Russian composer Igor Nikolaev. In 1989 she had great success with the album My Name that included top hits Standing In My Rain, Why and Leave A Light. In 1991 she recorded a concept album and show about a female secret agent, Agent 006. In the early 1990s her fame increased in Sweden, and she continued to release albums until 1997. In 2001 she had a stage comeback, the Lena Philipsson Show was sold out for two and a half years around Sweden. In 2004, she returned after a seven year hiatus from the album charts.

In 2004, she entered Melodifestivalen for the fourth time as a solo artist, with Det gör ont. She made it through the semifinal process and emerged as the winner on 20 March 2004, going on to representing Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with the translated English language version It Hurts. The song composed by Thomas Eriksson and combined up-tempo and disco themes. Lena's stage appearance caused much controversy in Swedish press and media because her performance, in a short fuchsia pink dress and high heels, consisted of dancing with the microphone stand in a fashion similar to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

Despite being the third favourite to win the competition, she finished in joint 5th place. The album, Det gör ont en stund på natten men inget på dan, sold gold in nine days, with Det gör ont as its lead single. It also spawned the singles Delirium, Lena Anthem and På gatan där jag bor.

The Swedish radio show Tracks voted her best female artist, best Swedish artist, and artist of the year for 2004, and Det gör ont was voted best song.

She released her new album Jag ångrar ingenting in 2005. After one day in Swedish shops it had sold over 30,000 copies. A one-hour TV special featuring new songs as well as old hits and some interviews aired in November the same year. In January 2006, Philipsson announced she was to host the 2006 Melodifestivalen. Because Melodifestivalen is a family show, her appearance as host was met with some controversy due to numerous jokes considered inappropriate to the audience.

In early 2007, she released her new version of her greatest hits, "Lena 20 år. The album included hits from all albums except Fantasy album. Also included new song Jag måste skynda mig på. Lena and Orup set up their own show on China Teatern in Stockholm at the same time as the album release. The show was a critical and public success.  After the success in Stockholm and Goteborg, the show Lena+Orup go on tour across Sweden late 2008. At the same time, Lena and Orup will release a duet album called Dubbel, released in November.

Lena Philipsson has participated in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest six times: four times as a performer and twice as a songwriter.

As a performer:

        1986, Kärleken är evig (2nd)
        1987, Dansa i neon (5th)
        1988, Om igen (2nd)
        2004, Det gör ont

As a songwriter

        1991, Tvillingsjäl (performed by Pernilla Wahlgren) (equal 6th)
        1999, Det svär jag på (performed by Arvingarna) (3rd)

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