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Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest - 1987

The Swedish Final was held on February 21st at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, hosted by Fredrik Belfrage. The 12 songs were reduced to 6 finalists and the winning song was then chosen by the votes of 9 juries containing members of the public which were split according to the ages of the jurors.

The winning song was Fyra Bugg och en Coca-Cola which was performed by Lotta Engberg, and written/composed by Christer Lundh and Mikael Wendt.


01. Fyra Bugg & en Coca Cola - Lotta Engberg, 59 points
02. Högt över havet - Arja Saijonmaa. 58 points
03. När morgonstjärnan brinner - Cyndee Peters, 46 points
04. Alexandra - Sound of Music, 44 points
05. Dansa i neon - Lena Philipsson, 43 points
06. Hand i hand - Style, 29 points

other participants:

Nya illusioner - Annica Johnsson
Ung och evig - Paul Sahlin & Anne Kihlström
Flyktingen - Jan-Eric Karlzon
Leva livet - Baden-Baden
Sommarnatt - Robert Wells
Det finns en morgondag - Anna Book

As the songs title contained the trademark names Coca-Cola and the Swedish chewing gum Bugg, the European Broadcasting Union demanded that the lyrics would be changed before the Brussels final, so the song was renamed Boogaloo. It was drawn to perform at start position 12. After the voting, Sweden had received 50 points, which led to a 12th place (out of 22). This was the worst placement for Sweden in eight years.


Anna Charlotte Lotta Engberg, is a Swedish dansband and pop singer, born 5 March 1963 in Överkalix, Norrbotten County and raised in Laxå, Örebro County. She now lives in Alingsås with her husband. She hosts the Swedish sing-along show Lotta på Liseberg.

Under her maiden name, Pedersen, she made her debut in the Sveriges Television program Nygammalt in 1980 when she was 17. She was also a member of the Trioala, an a cappella choir. Later, she received a permanent place in the TV program's choir.

Lotta Engberg won Melodifestivalen 1987 with Fyra bugg & en Coca Cola and represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987. She has before and since then performed in Melodifestivalen several times:

1984: Sankta Cecilia (together with Göran Folkestad), 2nd
1985: En helt ny dag, not selected
1987: Fyra Bugg & en Coca Cola, 1st
1988: 100% (together with Triple & Touch), 3rd
1990: En gång till, 8th
1996: Juliette & Jonathan, 3rd
2002: Vem é dé du vill ha (with Kikki Danielsson and Elisabeth Andreasson), 3rd
2012: Don't let me down (with Christer Sjögren), 3rd in the fourth semi-final

In 2003 Lotta participated at the Norwegian nation final for the ESC. Together with Kikki Danielsson and Elisabeth Andreasson she sang the song Din hånd i min hånd and came 4th.

On October 2, 1999 Sweden issued a postage stamp with her portrait.

She is also a successful TV host. Since August 2008, she has hosted the Swedish game show Bingolotto, which she will leave in the summer of 2011.

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