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Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest - 1995

The Swedish Final, Melodifestivalen 1995, was held in the Malmö Musikteater on February 24th, hosted by Pernilla Månsson. The 10 songs were initially reduced to 5 finalists before the winner was chosen by 11 regional juries.

The winner was Jan Johansen with the song Se på mej. The song was composed by Bobby Ljunggren, Håkan Almqvist and Ingela Forsman.


01. Se på mej - Jan Johansen, 64 points
02. Det vackraste - Cecilia Vennersten, 61 points
03. Jag ger dig allt - Jessica G. Pilnäs, 45 points
04. On du inte tror mig - Paula Åkesdotter-Jarl, 31 points
05. Följ dina drömmar - Lasse Lindbom, Janne Bark, Michael Stolt and Simon Ådahl,    30 points

other participants:

Jag tror på dig - Ulrika Bornemark and Göran Rudbo
Du är drömmen jag drömt - Björn Hedström
Bo Diddley - Arvingarna
Himmel på vår jord - Tina Leijonberg and Monica Silverstrand
Joanna - Nick Borgen

In the weeks before the ESC, Sweden was one of the favourites to win. On the night of the contest Jan Johansen performed 18th. At the close of the voting, Sweden had received 100 points, placing 3rd in a field of 23.


Jan Christian Johansen (born January 9 1966) is a Swedish singer.

His father is jazz musician Egil Johansen and his mother is Ellen Böback. He represented Sweden at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Se på mig and finished 3rd with 100 points. The song stayed at the top of Svensktoppen for fifteen weeks, charting for thirty weeks in total.

Jan Johansen has participated in Melodifestivalen three times since Se på mig:

2001: Ingensmansland, 4th
2002: Sista andetaget, 7th
2003: Let your spirit fly (with Pernilla Wahlgren), 2nd

Johansen voiced Dodger in the Swedish redub of Oliver and Company and also sang.

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