Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Helena Vondráčková

Helena Vondráčková  is a Czech singer whose career has spanned five decades.

Helena Vondráčková (born June 24 1947, Prague) is a Czech singer, writer and musicalstar whose career has spanned five decades. She's a big star in Japan, Russia, Czech Republik and Slovakia.

In 1970 Helena represented Czechoslovakia at the World Popular Song Festival with the dreamy song Ostrovy Pokladů which finished 16th in the Grand Final. In 1979 Helena represented Czechoslovakia once again at the W.P.S.F but this time she stranded in the semi-final with the song Když Zabloudiš, Tak Zavolej. The song was a huge hit for her in Japan and in Czechoslovakia.

In 1977 Helena won the Intervision Song Contest in Poland with the song Malovaný Džbánku.

In 2007 she wanted to represent the Czech Republik at the Eurovision Song Contest but her song Samba was disqualified before the Czech pre-selection. Then she came with Ha Ha Ha but her manager didn't want her to participate so she didn't.


  1. Can't listen to "Samba". Could you re-upload it, please?

  2. I uploaded samba again, the link is working now!!

  3. Yes! now the link works perfectly. Thank you so much