Thursday, 24 March 2011

ESC 2011, semi-final 1 - Croatia

Dari Kinzer is a Croatian singer who was born in Germany on May 29, 1988. She will represent Croatia at the ESC 2011 in Düsseldorf with the song Celebrate. Originally the song was called Lahor and the first English version called Break A Leg. Daria grew up in Vienna were she studied management and theater. Daria played in musicals like Chicago, Cats, Hair and Beauty and the Beast . She participated in the Croatian national final of 2011 and won with the song Lahor which is translated to Celebrate.


  1. Hey that's not Daria on the picture, it's Croatian TV host Barbara Kolar :P Anyway thanks for liking our song :)

  2. Oh okay, thanks for the comment, I was already thinking: that girl looks old!! I'll change it imediately

  3. I don't know how/why she won the Croatian selection.

    Jacques Houdek is a million times better singer !