Saturday, 19 March 2011

ESC 2011, semi-final 1 - Armenia

Emmy, born as Emmy Benjanyan on April 12 1984 is an Armenian singer.

Emmy is considered to be one of Armenia's most popular singers, being labelled as pop princess and Armenian pop icon. After her first single in 1993 Emmy became very popular in Armenia and she still is. Emmy also runs Emmy-B Production Center, a music-production company searching for new young talents in Armenia.

In 2010 Emmy participated, together with Mihran, in the Armenian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with the son Hey Let Me Hear You Say which finished 2nd.

In 2011 Emmy was invited to sing four songs in the Armenian pre-selection. The song Boom Boom won and is the Armenian entry in Düsseldorf.

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  1. A lively little ditty. Not politically correct though for the purposes of contemporary eurovision. The countries who voted chose others, as will be the case in SF2, and the Final. Nothing changes. Eurovision, as I remember it, (WHEN IT MATTERED NOT RE POLITICS ) IS LONG DEAD. MAYBE ONE DAY, WE`LL ACTUALLY HAVE A SONG CONTEST BASED ON THE SONGS, SINGERS, AND MUSICAL CONTENT, AS IT USED TO BE, AND NOT THIS POLITICAL CHARADE, AS IT IS NOW!