Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Py Bäckman

Py Marie Elisabet Ulrika Bäckman Wennborn, better known as Py Bäckman (July 5, 1948 Stockholm), is a Swedish musician. She's a singer and a songwriter of pop and rock for musicals and films. She also plays piano and harmonica. Py made her television debut in 1957 and started performing in public parks after that. In 1973 she began touring across Europe as a leadsinger of Swedens rock group NQB. Py wrote music for films and translated musicals like Evita and Garbo. Py released many singles and albums and is still popular in Sweden.

Py participated three times in Melodifestivalen, which is the Swedish pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1979 she sang Var Det Här Bara Början? which came 7th, in 1992 she sang Långt Härifrån which finished 5h and in 2010 Py came last in the fourth semi-final with the song Magisk Sjärna.

Py also wrote for other artists. For example Stad I Ljus for Tommy Körberg. This song won the Swedish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 and came 12th in Dublin. During the dress rehearsal of the contest in Dublin Py had to sing the song instead of Tommy because he had a throat infection and wasn't able to sing a all. During the live show Tommy fortunately could sing the song himself.

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