Tuesday, 29 March 2011

ESC 2011, semi-final 2 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Edin Dervišhalidović, born in Sarajevo on September 12 1962, stage name Dino Merlin, is a Bosnian singer-songwriter and musician. He is a popular singer/songwriter in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is also popular in the other countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, and Slovenia.

Dino founded the band Merlin in 1983 and has been its singer and songwriter since. With the band, he has recorded 5 studio albums.

Dino began his solo career under the name Dino Merlin in 1991 and recorded also five studio albums.

Dino Merlin wrote the first national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina called Jedna si, Jedina. He has also took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Millstreet in 1993,Dino is the author of Sva bol svijeta which was the Bosnian entry that year, and in Jerusalem in 1999,singing Putnici with Béatrice, a French singer. Dino Merlin has also taken part in other big European festivals, such as Copenhagen in 1996 and Turkovision in 1997.

In 2011 Dino was chosen to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina one again in the Eurovision Song Contest. In Düsseldorf he will sing the song Love In Rewind.

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