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Eurovision Song Contest 1992

Linda Martin

Date: May 9, 1992
Venue: Malmö Isstadion, Malmö, Sweden
Presenters: Lydia Cappolicchio, Harald Treutiger
Orchestra: Anders Berglund orchestra
Conductor: Anders Berglund
Director: Kage Gimtell
Scruteneer: Frank Naef
Host broadcaster: SVT
Price presenter: Carola
Interval act: A Century of Dance
Duration: 3 hours, 10 minutes
Number of entries: 23
Debuting countries: -
Returning countries: The Netherlands
Withdrawing countries: -
Winning Song: Why me - Linda Martin, Ireland
Voting system: Each country awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favourite songs

Michael Ball


01. Spain: Serafin Zubiri - Todo esto es la música (14th place, 37 points)
02. Belgium: Morgane - Nous, on veut des violons (20th place, 11 points)
03. Israel: Dafna Dekel - Ze rak sport (6th place, 85 points)
04. Turkey: Aylin Vatankoş - Yaz bitti (19th place, 17 points)
05. Greece: Cleopatra - Olou tou kosmou i elpida (5th place, 94 points)
06. France: Kali - Monté la riviè (8th place, 73 points)
07. Sweden: Christer Björkman - I morgon är en annan dag (22nd place, 9 points)
08. Portugal: Dina - Amor d'água fresca (17th place, 26 points)
09. Cyprus: Evridiki - Teriazoume (11th place, 57 points)
10. Malta: Mary Spiteri - Little child (3rd place, 123 points)
11. Iceland: Heart 2 Heart - Nei eða já (7th place, 80 points)
12. Finland: Pave Maijanen - Yamma, yamma (23rd place, 4 points)
13. switzerland: Daisy Auvray - Mister music man (15th place, 32 points)
14. Luxembourg: Marion Welter & Kontinent - Sou fräi (21st place, 10 points)
15. Austria: Tony Wegas - Zusammen geh'n (10th place, 63 points)
16. UK: Michael Ball - One step out of time (2nd place, 139 points)
17. Ireland: Linda Martin - Why me? (1st place, 155 points)
18. Denmark: Kenny Lübcke & Lotte Nilsson - Alt det som ingen ser (12th place, 47 points)
19. Italy: Mia Martini - Rapsodia (4th place, 111 points)
20. Yugoslavia: Extra Nena - Ljubim te pesmama (13th place, 44 points)
21. Norway: Merethe Trøan - Visjoner (18th, 23 points)
22. Germany: Wind - Träume sind für alle da (16th place, 27 points)
23. The Netherlands: Humphrey Campbell - Wijs me de weg (9th place, 67 points)

Humphrey Campbell

The Eurovision Song Contest 1992 was the 37th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on May 9 1992 in Malmö, Sweden. The presenters were Lydia Cappolicchio and Harald Treutiger. Linda Martin, representing Ireland, was the winner of this Eurovision with the song Why Me?. The song was written by Johnny Logan, who had won the 1980 contest as singer and the 1987 contest as singer/songwriter.


The contest took place at the indoor ice arena of Malmö where the stage set was in the shape of a Viking ship's bow with a dragon in the centre and stars on each side. The opening sequence included women dressed in the Swedish colours of yellow and blue and twirling ribbons. The filmic postcard tradition was continued with clips based on each country. Last year's winner, Carola, appeared on stage in a white dress with sheer sleeves, a rhinestone collar and cuffs and sang All the reasons to live.

Merethe Trøan

This contest marked the last participation of the dismembering Yugoslavia which soon separated into independent nations, some of which attempted to participate in the 1993 contest.This year's final entry was chosen as the last representative for SFRY even though the participants in the local contest were only from a portion of its former lands.

After scoring second place consecutively (1988, 1989) and scoring some disappointing results (1990, 1991), the United Kingdom sent Michael Ball with the contemporary pop-song One Step Out Of Time, which was the hot favourite to win the contest. However, the Irish sent Linda Martin, who had the past experience of coming in 2nd place in the 1984 contest, but also paired up once again with Johnny Logan, who won the contest twice before. In the end, Ireland won the contest with a 16 point lead over the United Kingdom, starting the chain of Irish wins in the 1990s. Malta with Little Child, performed by Mary Spiteri, also scored very well coming in 3rd place with 123 points. This was the first time that the three highest-placed songs had all been in English. Sweden, the host country, finished 2nd last.

 Lotte Nilsson & Kenny Lübcke

Switzerland had to replace its original choice of entry, Soleil, soleil which was to have been performed by Géraldine Olivier. The song did not comply with some of the rules of the national selection contest and so, despite having won, it did not go to Malmö.

Returning artists

Four artists and one band returned to the contest this year. The German band Wind represented Germany in 1985 and 1987, Grétar Örvarsson and Sigga, members of Heart 2 Heart, represented Iceland in 1990 as members of the band Stjórnin, Linda Martin represented Ireland in 1984 and Mia Martini performed for Italy in 1977.

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