Friday, 14 September 2012

Yvetta Simonová

Yvetta Simonová

Yvetta Simonová, (born on November 4, 1928 in Brod, Czech) is a Czech singer. She is a star of Czech popular music, she first began to sing as an operetta and musical singer in Bratislava and in the Musical Theatre in Karlin. Only later she became a singer of popular songs.

After graduating from business school Yvetta privately studied music and singing. Her artistic career began as an operetta and musical singer. Later, she began collaborating with dance orchestras Zdenek Bartak and J. Prochazka. Since 1958 she collaborates with the Karel Vlach Orchestra as its main singing star. In her life he sang over 500 songs, a number of them with her longtime colleague, singer Milan cool. In the 1960s she was quite popular, and at that time she made ​​a large number of well-known songs to this day, she performed frequently on radio and television. Yvetta is still active and in music. During her career Yvetta covered many ESC songs.

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