Sunday, 18 November 2012

Junior ESC 2012 - Armenia

Atists: Compass Band
Song: Sweetie Baby
Composer/Lyricist: Davit Paronikyan

Compass band was founded in 2011 during a Christmas concert in N 55 School after A. Chekhov, were the members of the band study. Besides being classmates David, Abraham , Arshavir and Aram are close friends. Each has its own vision and idols in music.

Davit Paronikyan (13) is the soloist of Compass band and the composer of Sweetie baby. He loves school and his classmates. He likes to sing and to listens to rock music. His favorite groups are Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Queen.
His first steps in music Davit made with the help of his producer Zara Petrosyan, and he got vocal lessons at Hovhannes Nazaryan. He is grateful to his father for developing his music taste, and also to his mother for his listening skills and sensitivity. Davit loves people with the sense of humor, especially smiling girls. The song is just about that.
The other members of Compass band are Abraham Aznavuryan (13) who plays the keyboard, Arshavir Grigoryan (13) who plays the the drums and Aram Tsaturyan (13) who plays the guitar.

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