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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Date: November 21 2009
Venue: Palace of Sports, Kiev, Ukraine
Presenters: Ani Lorak, Timur Miroshnichenko, Dmytro Borodin
Host broadcaster: NTU
Opening act: Dance acts featuring perofmance of Karina Rudnycka & Yuriy Kuzynsky
Interval act: Ani Lorak
Number of entries: 13
Debuting countries: -
Returning coubtries: Sweden
Withdrawing countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania
Voting system: Citizens of each participating country vote by telephone and SMS message, which counts for 50%. Each country's 10 favourites are awarded 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points based on the number of votes. Results 1-5 are automatically displayed on-screen, then each country announces 6-8, 10 and 12 points. A jury in each country also has a 50% say in the outcome.
Winner: Click Clack - Ralf Mackenbach, The Netherlands

Ralf Mackenbach


01. Sweden: Mimmi Sandén - Du (6th place, 68 points)
02. Russia: Ekaterina Ryabova - Malenkiy prints (2nd place, 116 points)
03. Armenia: Laura Hayrapetyan - Barcelona (2nd place, 116 points)
04. Romania: Ioana Anuta - Ai puterea în mâna ta (13th place, 19 points)
05. Serbia: Ništa Lično - Onaj pravi (10th place, 34 points)
06. Georgia: Princesses - Lurji prinveli (6th place, 68 points)
07. The Netherlands: Ralf Mackenbach - Click Clack (1st place, 121 points)
08. Cyprus: Rafaella Kosta - Thalassa, ilios, aeras, fotia (11th place, 32 points)
09. Malta: Francesca & Mikaela - Double trouble (8th place, 55 points)
10. Ukraine: Andranik Alexanyan - Try topoli, try surmy (5th place, 89 points)
11. Belgium: Laura Omloop - Zo verliefd (Yodelo) (4th place, 113 points)
12. Belarus: Yuriy Demidovich - Volshebniy krolik (9th place, 48 points)
13. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Sara Markovska - Za ljubovta (12th place, 31 points)

Laura Omloop

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 was the seventh edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest and took place in Kiev, Ukraine. It was scheduled for  November 21. 13 countries were confirmed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to compete in the Contest. The contest was won by Ralf Mackenbach for the Netherlands with the song Click Clack. At the age of 14, he is the oldest person to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in its 7 year History. Luara Hayrapetyan achieved Armenia another second place. Ekaterina Ryabova also took second place for Russia.


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) invited broadcasters to bid for the rights to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009; three bids were received from Belarus, Serbia, and Ukraine. TV4 of Sweden had originally sent in a bid during summer 2007, but soon withdrew its bid after deciding to completely withdraw from the contest. After deliberations by the EBU, National Television Company of Ukraine was granted the rights to the 2009 contest and will host it in Kiev. Ukraine also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 at the same venue.

Ekaterina Ryabova

Concept and logo

Logo of the contest titled Tree of life is based on the artwork Sunflower of life by Maria Primachenko, a well known Ukrainian folk art painter. Creative design of the show was based on the logo of the contest, works and ideas of Primachenko as well as on the concept of the show, titled For the joy of people.


The EBU announced the complete list of participating countries in the 2009 Contest on 8 June 2009. 13 countries competed in the contest: Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, Georgia, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia,Sweden and Ukraine. Sweden returned after missing the contest, while Bulgaria, Greece and Lithuania withdrew from the Contest.

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