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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003

Date: November 15 2003
Venue: Forum Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Presenters: Camilla Ottensen, Remee
Host broadcaster: DR
Interval act: Sugababes performing Hole in the Head,Busted performing Crashed the Wedding
Number of entries: 16
Voting system: Each country awards 1-8, 10, and 12 points to their 10 favourite songs
Winner: Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav - Dino Jelusić, Croatia

Dino Jelusić


01. Greece: Nicolas Ganopoulos - Filoi gia panta (8th place, 53 points)
02. Croatia: Dino Jelusić - Ti si moja prva ljubav (1st place, 134 points)
03. Cyprus: Theodora Rafti - Mia efhi (14th place, 16 points)
04. Belarus: Volha Satsiuk - Tantsui (4th place, 103 points)
05. Latvia: Dzintars Čīča - Tu esi vasarā (9th place, 37 points)
06. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Marija & Viktorija - Ti ne me poznavaš (12th place, 19 points)
07. Poland: Kasia Żurawik - Coś mnie nosi (16th place, 3 points)
08. Norway: 2U - Sinnsykt gal forelsket (13th place, 18 points)
09. Spain: Sergio - Desde el cielo (2nd place, 125 points)
10. Romania: BUBU - Tobele sunt viaţa mea (10th place, 35 points)
11. Belgium: X!NK - De vriendschapsband (6th place, 83 points)
12. UK: Tom Morley - My song for the world (3rd place, 118 points)
13. Denmark: Anne Gadegaard - Arabiens drøm (5th place, 93 points)
14. Sweden: The Honeypies - Stoppa mig (15th place, 12 points)
15. Malta: Sarah Harrison - Like a star (7th place, 56 points)
16. The Netherlands: Roel - Mijn ogen zeggen alles (11th place, 23 points)



The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 was the first Eurovision Song Contest for young singers aged eight to fifteen. It was held on November 15 2003, in Copenhagen, Denmark. With Camilla Ottesen and Remee as the presenters, the contest was won by the then eleven-year-old Dino Jelusić, who represented Croatia with his song Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav while second and third place went to Spain and the United Kingdom respectively.

It was the first Eurovision to be broadcast in the 16:9 widescreen format. It was also the first Eurovision Song Contest where a DVD of the contest would be released. It was decided that the country that won the contest would not necessarily host the next contest, in order to reduce the pressure on the contestants.

Tom Morley

Slovakian broadcaster Slovenská televízia (STV) and German broadcaster ARD expressed an interest in joining this contest and were included in a draw for the chance of participating in the programme (though the results of this draw later became redundant).

Interval acts

The half time entertainment was provided by two acts from the UK. Busted performed Crashed the Wedding but Charlie Simpson was absent due to illness. However, the following day he was present for a radio interview in the UK where it was implied by both himself, and the other band members, that this was in fact a lie. The real reason for his absence was that he hated Eurovision. The Sugababes performed Hole in the Head.

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