Monday, 9 May 2011


Bernadette (born Bernadette Kraakman, March 1 1959, Volendam) is a Dutch singer, best known for her participation in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest.

As a child Bernadette was a member of De Damrakkertjes,
a dutch children's choir. Later she was a singer in the Fat Eddy Band
which released a couple of quite successful singles like Let your body move, Good times and Don't let it fade.

In 1983, Bernadette took part with two songs in the Dutch Eurovision selection, but she emerged the narrow victor (by just one point) with Sing Me a Song, which despite the title was sung in Dutch.  She went forward to the 28th Eurovision Song Contest, held in Munich on April 23, where Sing Me a Song finished a solid seventh of the 20 entries.

Following her unsuccessful partnership with Ingrid Simons in duo Double Trouble in 1986, Bernadette became a voiceover and backing singer, having worked with artists such as Harry Slinger and Rob de Nijs.

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