Thursday, 5 May 2011

Micha Marah

Micha Marah, born as Aldegonda Leppens, (Turnhout, September 26, 1953) is a Flemish singer.

In 1969 Micha released her first single. In 1971 she became wellknown in Flanders after participating at Canzonisima 1971, which was the Belgian pre-selection for the ESC. In the final she sang three songs which got no points at all. One of Micha's songs, Tamboerke, was a big hit in Belgium. She also had a hit with a Dutch cover of the spanish entry En Un Mundo Nuevo, which came 2nd at the ESC in 1971. In the Belgian national final of 1975 Micha sang two songs of which 't Is Over became success in Belgium. Now Micha was an established artist in Belgium.

In 1979 Micha was chosen to represent Belgium at the ESC in Jerusalem. In the Belgian semi-finals Micha sang six songs of which the public chose three: Mijn Dagboek, Comment Ça Va and Hey Nana. In the final an "expert" jury chose Hey Nana. Micha hated the song and was furious, she said the "experts" chose Hey Nana because they didn't like her and they knew she wanted to sing Comment Ça Va in Jerusalem. She accused the composer of Hey Nana of plagiarism with the intention to disqualify the song. Meanwhile, the Belgian broadcaster asked Nancy Dee to sing Hey Nana at the ESC but eventually Micha herself sang the song at the ESC and came 18th and equal last. Micha refused to sing Hey Nana ever again and she never recorded it.

After the contest Micha released a few albums and became a TV and radio presenter. Nowadays she 's a member of the Flemish Soul DivaZ together with Sandra Kim and Alana Dante.

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