Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fabrizio Faniello

Fabrizio Faniello (April 27, 1981) is a Maltese pop singer.

Fabrizio discovered his passion for music at an early age. His teacher advised him to take music lessons but Fabrizio, at that time, was interested in playing soccer. In 1997 he played for one year in Turin. When he was 16, Fabrizio chose to have a career in music and returned to Malta. In the meantime he released 3 successful album and several singles which were very successful in Malta. Fabrizio also had a couple of hits in Sweden an Germany. Fabrizio is mainly known for light Europop music, but his willingness to experiment outside of conventional song structures, including forays into harsh noise, have been met with critical acclaim.

In 2001 Fabrizio represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Another Summer Night which came 9th and in 2006 he represented Malta once again at the ESC but this time he came only 24th with the song I Do.

Fabrizio participated many times in the Maltese pre-selections for the ESC:

1998: More Than Just A Game, 2nd
1999: Thankful For Your Love, 8th
2000: Change Of Heart, 2nd
2001: Another Summer Night, 1st
2004: Did I Ever Tell You,3rd
2005: Don't Tell It, 12th
2006: I Do, 1st
2011: No Surrender, 4th

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