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Feminnem is a girl group from Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina and consists of Neda Parmać, Pamela Ramljak and Nika Antolos. In 2007 Nika joined the Feminnem to replace Ivana Marić who left the group to start a solo career.

Ivana and Pamela are from Bosnia & Herzegovima while Neda and Nika are Croatian.

The group formed in 2004, following the appearance of the three original members, on Hrvatski Idol. Their first single, Volim Te Mrzim Te, was a big hit in the Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Macedonia.

In 2005 Feminnem took part in the Bosnian national final for the ESC. In the Bosnian pre-selection there was a tie at the end of the voting, the "expert" jury vote took precedence so Feminnem won with the song Zovi. At the ESC they sang the English version, Call Me, which finished 14th.

In 2007 Feminnem tried to represent Croatia at the ESC in Helsinki with the song Navika. They came only 9th in the Croatian national final, Dora.

In 2009 they tried again to represent Croatia at the ESC but they came 3rd with the song Poljupci U Boji.

Feminnem took part at the Croatian national final for the third time in 2010, hoping to represent the country at the ESC in Oslo with their song Lako Je Sve. They finished only fourth in the semi-final, but they went on to win the final, receiving maximum points from both the jury and the telephone voters. At the ESC they stranded very unexpectedly in the semi-finals.

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