Wednesday, 4 May 2011

David Bustamante

David Bustamante Hoyos (March 25 1982, San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria) is a Spanish singer.

David's breakthrough was in the TV hit Operación Triunfo which was the Spanish pre-selection for the ESC in 2002. David was one of the three winners. In the final show the televoters chose the Spanish entry for the ESC. David came 3rd with the song La Magia Del Corazón.

Since then, David Bustamante has released five solo albums. His first CD, Bustamante, was released in May 2002 and spent many months among the top selling CDs in Spain. He followed this with a successful summer tour with over 70 concerts throughout Spain. His second album, Asi Soy Yo, was released in November 2003 and was produced by Emilio Estefan. David continued with Caricias Al Alma and Pentimento. Furthermore, he visited Latin America to promote his music.

David Bustamante has had big success in Spain, USA and Latin America. He has sold over 1,400,000 CD's. The last album of David is A Contracorriente, published at 2010. The album went Platinium in the Spanish charts. He followed this with a succesful Tour.


  1. Thanks for the information. The last album of Bustamante is A contracorriente, produced by Kike Santander, published at 2010, and also went Platinium at the Top of the Spanish charts. He followed this with a succesful Teatres and summer Tour.

  2. In the Eurovision Song Contest 2002, Bustamante was one of the singers of Rosa Lopez.

    The Bustamante's albums are;
    Studio Albums:
    * 2002: Bustamante
    * 2003: Así soy yo
    * 2005: Caricias al alma
    * 2006: Pentimento
    * 2007: Al filo de la irrealidad
    * 2010: A contracorriente

    DVD Albums:
    * 2002: Bustamante - concert (Bustamante special edition)
    * 2008: Al filo de la irrealidad Life (special edition)
    * 2010: A contracorriente - (special edition) CD + DVD

    * 2008: Complete Discography (Collector's Box with 5 disk drives and 1 unpublished)

    * 14/03/2011:
    50 Greatest Hits - Bustamante - 3 CD

    Greetings, Maria (Chiti59)

  3. Thanks very much for your information!!!