Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gina de Wit

Gina de Wit is a Dutch singer. At very young age she took sing lessons and a couple of years later she studied music at the Rotterdam conservatory. Besides teaching Gina studied drums, keyboard, guitar and songwriting. Gina is still a music teacher.

Gina de Wit participated 5 times at the Dutch national final for the ESC, 4 times as a singer and once as a songwriter, in 1993.

1989: Elke Dag, 9th
1990: Liever Alleen, 7th
1993: Tederheid, 8th
1996: De Wereld Is Van Jou, 2nd
2000: Hjir Is It Begjin, 5th

In 1995 the Dutch weren't allowed to participate in the ESC because Willeke Alberti didn't gather enough points for the Netherlands in 1994 with her ballad Waar Is De Zon. So the Dutch organized their own contest. Every regional broadcaster sent a representative. Gina represented Omroep Fryslan with the song Ga Je Mee.

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