Friday, 6 May 2011

Marion Rung

Evi Marion Rung (December 7, 1945, Helsinki) is a Finnish singer. Since 1961 Marion has recorded 368 songs.

Marion's first hit was in 1961 with the song Brigitte Bardot. But her real breakthrough was in 1962 after winning the Finnish pre-selection for the ESC with the song Tipi-Tii, which came 7th at the ESC.

During the 60's Marion released many successful singles. In 1967 Marion participated again in the Finnish national final for the ESC, this time she came 7th with the song Goodbye and in 1969 she came last with the song Tuntematon Sydämeni.

In 1973 Marion won the Finnish pre-selection for the ESC wit the song Tom Tom Tom which finished 6th in Luxemburg. In 1974 she tried again to represent Finland at the ESC but she stranded in the semi-finals with the song Icing. In 1974 she won the Intervision Song Contest in Sopot with the song Uskon Lauluun. In that same year Marion represented Finland at the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo with the song Aurinkosilmät. In Tokyo Marion came 10th and won an Outstanding Song Award and Outstanding Performance Award. Marion had several hits in the 70's like El Bimbo, Ding A Dong and Eviva Espanja.

In 1980 Marion won the Intervision Song Contest once again, this time with the song Where Is The Night. The Finnish version, called Hyvästi Yö, was a big hit in Finland.

In the 90's Marion started recorded danceable popmusic which was quite successful. Nowadays Marion is still releasing singles and she is still very popular in Finland.

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