Friday, 6 August 2010

Milan Stanković

Milan Stanković, (born in Obrenovac, September 9, 1987) is a Serbian pop-folk singer.

Born in Belgrade suburb of Obrenovac, Milan started his career taking part in musical contest Zvezde Granda, where he became a favorite of the audience (SMS votes put him in the first place in 12 out of 14 contest shows). He entered the super-final and attracted significant media attention. In the same year, his singles appear on the compilation disks Zvezde Granda (circulation of 100,000 copies). In addition to performances in the former Yugoslavia territory, he also recorded great success in his performances in Switzerland, Hungary and USA.

In May 2009, Milan’s debut album Solo reached sales of 50,000 copies.

He also competed in Tri pa jedan za Oslo, the Serbian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. He won the competition and represented Serbia with the song Ovo je Balkan (This is the Balkans) in the finals of the European contest, where Milan finished in 13th place.

After Eurovision, when Milan was back in Serbia, he entered a conflict with Sasa Popovic (the director of Grand Production). Milan then disappeared from the music scene and went into hiding. After more than one year in June, Milan released his song Perje for who Milan is the compositor. The song had very big success in Serbia and around the Balkan areas. In October 2011 Milan resolved the problem with Grand Production and they then cancelled the contract. After the cancelling the contract Milan started the Europe Tour; the first place for the tour was Switzerland, in JIL CLUB.

Now Milan is the best young singer from the part of Zvezde Granda. He has big International Fan Clubs in Serbia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Macedonia, Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, USA, Montenegro and all over the world. They are preparing surprises for him, and they are following him in every step.

For his fans Milan said: Everything I am doing, that is for my fans. I love them and they are my power.

Since Milan sang Krasiva in Zvezde Granda, his fans call oneself Krasive. Krasiva is Russian and means Beautiful girl. Yara Philipps from the German YouTube Channel MilansGermanFanPage was the first one who established the slogan Krasiva Power and used it during the Eurostar Award 2010 campaign. Later she founded the German Fan Club with the name Krasive Power. With success! The German Fan Club is growing and growing ...


  1. He isnt popular and succesful in his own country at all..
    Song is just awful..

  2. Yes he is popular with many teenage girls in Serbia. Some have been very devoted to him since they first saw him competing on Zvezde Granda in 2007. They even have a special name for his fans "Krasive" or something like that.
    Plus his album "Solo" from 2009 sold quite well. His songs are very different from the circus-like song that Goran Bregovic composed for the Eurovision contest.

  3. MILAN!!! <333333 I love all his songs!! *W*