Saturday, 14 August 2010


Edea is a Finnish music group. The Edea songs are written in an older form of Finnish and speak of old traditions as well. Edea consists of:
  • Marika Krook who is an opera singer, actress and dancer. She won 1992 the International Opera Song Contest in Tallinn an performed in lots of musicals and opera's.
  • Tommy Mansikka-Aho who is a finnish musician , active in Folk and popular music, plays the didgeridoo, jaw harp and guitar.
  • Samuli Kosminen who is a Finnish percussionist.
  • Alexi Ahoniemi who plays keyboards, flute and soprano sax.
  • Abdissa Asifa - percussion
In 1998 Edea won the Finnish national final with the song Avaa. In Birmingham they were one of the favorites for first place but Avaa came 15th.

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