Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Festival di Sanremo - Fiordaliso

Marina Fiordaliso (February 19, 1956) better known as Fiordaliso is a famous Italian singer who participated nine times at the Festival di Sanremo. In 1984 she came 5th with Non Voglio Mica La Luna which was her biggest hit in Italy and it was the Italian song which the Swedish Carola sang in the postcard before her performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991. Fiordaliso made many successful albums and is still very popular in Italy.

Fiordaliso's participations at the Festival di Sanremo:

1982 - Una Sporca Poesia (didn't qualify for the final)
1983 - Oramai (6th)
1984 - Non Voglio Mica La Luna (5th)
1985 - Il Mio Angelo (8th)
1986 - Fatti Miei (10th)
1988 - Per Noi (8th)
1989 - Se Non Avessi te (6th)
1991 - Il Mare Più Grande Che C'è (12th)
2002 - Accidenti A Te (9th)


  1. Je hebt bij 1982 en 1989 ook Non voglio mica la luna geupload.

  2. oh stom van me, ik herstel het direct, mijn excuses voor deze actie

  3. Per noi is from 1988.

  4. Thanks!, and Per Noi is from 1988, indeed............ what the hell was thinking yesterday :-) I'think I'm allready in Ireland in my mind......., saturday I'm leaving....