Thursday, 19 August 2010

Germany 1985

At the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 Germany was represented by the band Wind, with the song Für Alle. Für Alle was the winner of the German national final, held on March 21. This was the first of three appearances by Wind at Eurovision; they would also represent Germany in 1987 and 1992.

Before the final there were 2 semi-finals. The German semi-final was broadcast on several radio stations, and around 300 people were selected by a German polling institute to select the 12 finalists. The semi-final was in two separate parts which were broadcast on different days.

The German Final was held on March 21st at the German Theatre in Munich, hosted by Wolfgang Mascher & Margit Geissler. The winning song was chosen by the votes of approximately 500 people who were chosen by an institute to be representative of the German population.


01. Für alle - Wind, 3618 points
02. Die Glocken von Rom - Heike Schäfer, 3597 points
03. Also lebe ich - Wolff Gerhard, 3575 points
04. Grün, grün, grün - Caro Pukke, 3535 points
05. Der Wind von Palermo - Bernd Clüver, 3424 points
06. Hier, da und überall - Günther Stern, 3291 points
07. Kinder der Erde - Danny Fischer, 3220 points
08. König und Dame - Sylvia, 3113 points
09. Am Anfang der Zeit - Jürgen Renfordt, 3073 points
10. Sehnsucht nach einem Gefühl - Susan Schubert, 2994 points
11. Du bist da - Conny & Jean, 2982 points
12. So lange wir träumen, leben wir - MoMo, 2971 points

At the ESC Wind performed 10th in the running order. Pre-contest betting had rated Für Alle as the favourite for victory, and for a large part of the voting it appeared to be living up to its billing. At the close of voting Für Alle had received 105 points, placing Germany 2nd.

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