Monday, 2 August 2010

The Vard Sisters

The Vard Sisters are an Irish group that consists of the sisters Wendy, Lisa and Cathy Vard from Dublin.

After their fist album, Heavenly, they became popular in Ireland and the sisters appeared as guests in many TV programs in the UK and Ireland. They performed with many famous artists like Westlife and the Irish Tenors. They made two successful albums.

In 1998 they participated in the Irish national final with the song Seol which came 2nd. In 2011 they participated again at the Irish national final. They came 4th with the song Send Me An Angel.


  1. Prachtig lied en prachtig gezongen, had zeker hoge ogen gegooid. Duizend maal beter dan die geplukte Israelische kip die dat jaar won!

  2. het kippenlied was mischien meer catchy maar Seol is zoooooo mooi, je kan de dames trouwens boeken voor een bruiloft of begrafenis, d.w.z. dat ze niet meer zo heel populair zijn............

  3. Jammer voor ze, ze verdienen veel beter in mijn ogen.

  4. My father met Cathy (in 2001),and he mentioned that I still had their performance of Seol on videotape,and so she gave him a cd to give to me - a solo cd,signed ''To johnny - best wishes,cathy vard''.

    : )

  5. I will vote umpteen times for The Vard Sisters 'Send Me An Angel 'tonight.

    I love the Don Mescall song too.

    Bling are ok in a Six4One kind of way,and I'm not really understanding the love for the Nikki Kavanagh song (I like it,but I can imagine there being half a dozen similar songs/singers at the contest in May).She/they might win me over in tonights performance ?!

    Having said all that,I just hope that we don't send you know who - they can't sing,the song is repetitive,the lyrics are ridiculous,and they're irritating beyond belief.I just want them to go away,they're so embarrassing.

  6. You're so right, they are terrible but they won, I really hate the lipstick song......