Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Clouseau is a Flemish/Belgian pop group, having success in Belgium and the Netherlands since the late 80's. The group originally consisted of Bob Savenberg, Tjen Berghmans, Karel Theys, Kris Wauters and Koen Wauters.

In 1989 Clouseau participated in the Belgian national final with the song Anne which came 2nd but was a big hit in Belgium. In 1990 they had their biggest hit with Daar Gaat Ze. In 1990 two members of Clouseau left the group.

In 1991 they were chosen to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rome. In the Belgian national final Clouseau sang theree songs: Geef Het Op, Hilda and Ik Kan Niet Zonder Jou. The winner was chosen by Clouseau themselves and they chose the up-tempo song Geef Het Op. The expectations were very high but Geef Het Op only came 16th.

In 1996 the founder of Clouseau, Bob Savenberg, left the group. The brothers Koen and Kris Wauters are still very successful in Belgium.

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