Saturday, 26 June 2010

Chris Doran

Christopher "Chris" Doran, (born 22 November 1979) is an Irish singer and kickboxer,
In 2004 Chris Doran won You're a Star, the Irish pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Chris represented Ireland at the 49th Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul with the song If My World Stopped Turning finishing 23rd out of 24. The song was listed for 11 weeks on the Ireland Singles top 50. It entered the chart on position 1 .


  1. That's the best picture of Chris Doran that I've ever seen.
    I watched You're A Star every week.
    He's a good singer,and seems like a very nice guy,but the song makes me yawn.Sorry.


  2. Some singer, I still love to listen to him.