Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Alana Dante

Alana Dante (real name Christel Hoogewijs, born 1 December 1969) is a Belgium-born singer. Early in her life she went to a music academy to study violin and receive singing lessons. She performed regularly at karaoke bars and clubs in Belgium before she came professional successful.

Alana started her professional career in 1997 with a dance version of Céline Dion's song "Think Twice".

Her big breakthrough was with her 1998 hit Take me for a ride. Her next single The Life of the Part" became an even bigger hit. In 1999 Alana Dante won the 3rd semi-final of the Belgian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Get Ready For The Sunsand. In the final it came 3rd. In the semi-final Alana used a "machine" which gave her voice a more powerful sound but in the final she wasn't allowed to use it again.

Alana Dante was involved in a scandal when a sex tape of her was reportedly stolen from her and leaked on the internet.

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