Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Michelle is the stage name of German singer Tanja Hewer. She was born in Villingen-Schwenningen on February 15 1972. She is one of the most popular singers of Germany during the last decade.

Michelle has been singing in local amateur bands since the age of 14. Through a friend who was working at a state broadcast company, she got the chance to perform on German TV in 1993. The popular German singer Kristina Bach recognized Michelle's talent. A little bit later, the songwriter Jean Frankfurter wrote and produced the song Und Heut' Nacht Will Ich Tanzen for her. Michelle's first single became a great success. Michelle got the chance to perform at ZDF-Hitparade, one of Germany's most popular music shows of that time. Her performance made her popular throughout the country.

Afterwards she participated in several German pop music festivals, for example the German national final for the ESC in 1997 were she came 3rd with the song Im Auge Des Orkans. In that same year she won the German Schlager Festival with Wie Flammen Im Wind. In 2001 Michelle participated again in the German national final with the song Wer Liebe Lebt which won the German pre-selection and came 8th in Copenhagen.

In 2003 Michelle decided to take break to cure out some health problems. In 2005 Michelle made a comeback album which was a huge success. After a break down on stage on 30 January 2007 she had to cancel her 2007 tour due to health problems. In March 2007 Michelle decided to put the "project" Michelle to an end. In October 2009 she released a new album called Goodbye Michelle and played several concerts and TV shows, explaining she wanted to give her fans a real farewell. She stated, however, that this was definitely her final album under the name Michelle but you'll never know....

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