Thursday, 24 June 2010


Maywood was a Dutch pop duo and consisted of Alice May and Caren Wood who were born as Aaltje and Doetje De Vries.

The sisters began their career in several bands like The Karina's, Colt 45 and The Lady pop's. In 1978 the sisters decided to start a duo and called themselves Maywood. They sang melancholic ballads and bouncy pop songs. The single You Treated Me Wrong was a minor hit for Maywood but was a breakthrough. After that they had many huge hits like Late At Night, Rio and Mother How Are You Today. They were very successful in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Poland. Japan, Korea, Finland, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Russia, Spain and Latin America.

In the late 80's the success decreased. They tried to become successful again in Europe by taking part in the Dutch pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Ik Wil Alles Met Je Delen. Maywood won the pre-selection but finished on a very disappointing 15th place. They blamed their failure to the closed microphone of the Bach-trumpet and the miserable camera shoots but the audience blamed the low ranking to the dresses of the sisters….

After the ESC Maywood released a couple of unsuccessful songs and in 1995 Alice and Caren stopped their the cooperation and started solo-careers which weren't successful. The sisters got into an argument and Alice claimed the rights of all the songs and the judge decided Alice was right and Caren wasn't allowed to use the name Maywood or ex-Maywood ever again.

It isn't very likely that the sisters are ever performing again as a duo, but as Alice said: you'll never know…..

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