Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sophie & Magaly

The singing twins Sophie en Magalie Gilles from France were chosen by Ralph Siegel to sing his song Le Papa Pingouin for Luxemburg at the Eurovision Song Contest 1980. They went to The Hague with an act with a singing and dancing penguin. The hopes were very high but they only came 9th. The song was a commercial succes in France where one million copies of the single were sold.

Their second single, Arlequin, sold poorly and producer Ralph Siegel broke the contract with them. The twins told in a TV show they were paid only 5000 euros each for selling one million copies of their first single. However the producer Charles Talar gave a second chance to Sophie and Magaly. Unfortunately their follow-up singles Toi and Les Nanas De Zorro were equally unsuccessful and shortly thereafter the group disbanded.
This sadness continues with the fact that Magaly died in 1996. After her sisters death Sophie became very depressed and live in France now where she lives a secluded life.

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